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Venkatesh Thyagarajan, CEO, Cabot Solutions. Venkatesh Thyagarajan,
CEO, Cabot Solutions, shares his teams outcomes.

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US Culture Preparation

US Culture training works to achieve successful and effective collaboration with offshore and onsite team members.

Rapport building with Americans

Customer Service with Americans Clients

Engage Jennifer, an American citizen from birth and a native English speaker who has been living in India since 2011 to facilitate your offshore and outsourced team's next cross-cultural training.

Prepare your team to confidently interact with US Americans through these interactive sessions. Whether your team communicates virtually, face to face, hosts the US counterpart in India or travels to the US for onsite visits or has to balance India and US teams as the Onsite POC (Point of Contact), these trainings offer tips for various levels and types of interaction.

American Cultural Acclimatization

  • Holidays & Vacations in the US
  • Diversity & Stereotypes
  • Professional Etiquette Expected by American Clients

Communication and Soft Skills

  • American English vs Indian English
  • E-mail Etiquette
  • How to Hold Meetings
  • Greetings, Casual & Small Talk
  • How to hold a conversation
  • Phone & Conference Call Mannerisms
  • Presentation & Public Speaking Skills
  • Push Back / Negotiation
  • Speaking Clearly with Confidence
  • Spoken & Communicative English
  • Group Discussion (GD) Skills for Cross-Border Team Meetings

Employability Skills and Freshers' Orientation

  • Finishing School at Work
  • Transitioning from Student to Professional
  • Working as New Employees in American Companies

US Work and Office Culture & Workplace Values

  • Time Sensitivity & Time Management
  • Accountability & Initiative
  • Streamlining
  • Equality
  • Task Assignment & Delegation
  • Work/Personal Life Separation

Working with the Americans from India – Offshore Team Skill Building

  • Phone and Conference Call Etiquette
  • Etiquette in a 4-star Indian Hotel, Learn to use Cutlery (knife and fork)
  • NRI Adjustment into Indian Workplaces (For NRIs and Local Indians)
  • Enunciation, Pronunciation & Accent
  • Bridging Cultural Gaps

Working with the Americans in the US

  • Travel Preparation to the US
  • A Typical Day in an American Office – Expectations, Dos and Don'ts
  • Accommodation/Housing Expectations
  • Area-Specific Orientation with Safety Tips (Custom-made)
  • Meal-time/Restaurant Etiquette in the US
  • Phone & Voice Mail Protocol
  • How to Dress for Success
  • Hotel and Rental Home Basics
  • Visa Preparation Coaching

What Clients Have Said:

"In addition to learning about the American mindset, I was able to practice conversational skills (greetings, goodbyes, tones) that will help me communicate with US clients better."
Xavier, UST Global
"In the role plays, I learned greetings, gestures, conversation starters, how to leave a voice mail and how to have a conversation with a US colleague over the phone."
Maria, Media Analytics Company, Infopark

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