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Spoken English

Improve listening comprehension and conversational skills with US Americans and through culturally-tuned language learning.

Sessions comprehensively target various elements of spoken English with the goal of improving communication between Indian offshore teams and their US or Western English speaking counterparts. Browse through the range of communicative English topics below.

Sessions Available for:
  • Spoken English Assessments and Follow Up
  • Presentation Skills
  • Group Discussion (GD) Skills & Assessment
  • Indian English -> American English Translations
  • American English accent coaching
  • Conversational English skill building
  • Proper enunciation and pronunciation
  • Bridging communication gaps
  • Effective employer/client business communication
  • Use of questions in spoken English
  • Effective listening
  • Telephone and VoIP conversation etiquette
  • Basic grammar structure
  • How to pitch to the American client
  • College and job interview techniques
  • Employment preparation

Submit a short voice recording of yourself to begin your Spoken English coaching. In your recording:
  • Spell your name
  • Count from 1 to 10
  • Speak in a conversational tone to a fictitious person for approximately 1 minute
  • Speak in a professional business tone to a fictitious person for approximately 1 minute

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Accent screen

Sessions are available in person for those in Kochi, India, and by phone or the Internet for those in other parts of India or the world!

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What Clients Have Said:

"Staying on the same page is easier with his American client, now that Ram is speaking in shorter, clearer sentences."
VP Financial Analytics Company, Bangalore
"I have learned some simple techniques to reduce my accent and speak more clearly on the phone. This improves understanding with US clients and Indians from outside Kerala."
Lijoy, Kochi

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