Secrets of American Business Culture

Have better conversations with Americans by learning linguistic, behavioral and etiquette strategies that promote rapport. Learn the differences between face-to-face, email and phone communication in professional settings. Etiquette tips will help you plan and execute meetings in virtual settings. Learn how to say things so Americans understand by examining American English words that convey your message to your target audience.

Get real time feedback from an American trainer conversant in both American and Indian ways!

Audience Profile

Who attends this training? Indian or global professionals predominately working on virtual, dispersed teams. Over 500 professionals — from companies such as Arbitron, CCS Technologies, EY, Microsoft, and UST Global have attended versions of this training.

Job Titles of Participants Include

Business Analyst Project Lead Software Architect
Business Developer Project Manager Sr. Assoc. Vice President
Consultant QA Engineer Team Lead
Delivery Manager Risk Analyst Tech Manager
Human Resources Staff Senior Software Developer Technology Specialist
Infrastructure Specialist Software Engineer Test Manager


  • Express Session: 4.5 hours or 1/2 working day
  • Home Run Session: 8 hours or 1 working day

* Session and module length varies based on number of participants.

Number of Participants

For ideal outcomes 16-20 participants in a session is recommended.
For groups over 20, several options are available, including:

  • Breaking up the group into smaller groups
  • Extra per person payment (for groups over 20, please note that activities may be abbreviated due to lack of time)

Best results are seen in smaller teams, in group work over a period of time

Mode of Delivery

  • Classroom: Face-to-face, instructor led
  • Blended: Training delivered in a classroom is mixed with online follow up via the Authentic Journeys Aspire Online classroom materials, quizzes, and supplementary materials. Online follow up could also include virtual role plays or demos.
  • Special Circumstances: For role plays, two to three rooms equipped with phones are required.

Syllabus Overview:
Throughout the skill sessions, participants learn about the top 5 American business values, and how to integrate them into their communication habits.

Section 1: Face-to-Face Communication
Hosting foreign clients in India. Introductions, small talk in a professional environment, diversity and inclusiveness. (Note: this is an abbreviated module on small talk)

Section 2: Written Business Communication
Business email etiquette, meeting requests, how to decline requests, writing crisp emails, writing to different audiences. A short comparison of American and Indian English.

Section 3: Phone Communication
Professional phone handling, clear voice and accent reduction, conversational etiquette on the phone, meeting agendas, holding meetings over the phone.

Section 4: Role Play – Handling a Meeting Over the Phone
Students will be given a scenario and must role play it by creating a meeting agenda, drafting the conversation, etc. Role plays are best done over the phone.

Section 5: Case Study
Case studies to compare the three mediums and pros and cons of each. Final discussion/evaluation.

Options/ Customizations

Syllabus customizations:
Role plays/Case Study: Role plays are based on general business scenarios (project kick-off, status update, project closeout meeting). When creating the training, a general scenario is chosen for the role play. For the case study, a scenario is given in which participants have to share how they would handle it given all three options, and the pros and cons of each type of communication. The role plays and case study can be tailored upon request.

Related Training Programs:

Videos or audios: Can be made of the role plays for sharing within the team.

Online classroom: Available to share classroom materials after the training is over.

Certificates: Available upon request.

Small Talk Newsletter: Subscription to the Small Talk Newsletter – which helps non-American professionals learn about and make small talk about American Holidays.


"The session helps me to bridge the difference when delivering my view and work in a better way in a productive matter. I also learned how to be proactive rather than just being a doer in addition to building a cordial relation with my client through being specific and using more pleasantries."
Silpitha Santhosh

"This course builds skills in selling, marketing, and/or providing services to our customers and partners. I will incorporate the cultural practices learnt in the calls and client facing scenarios."
Microsoft Participant at Hyderabad

"We learned about some of the odd behavior that Americans don't like. We also learned about American expectations."
Preethi, ThinkPalm

"This was a great learning experience. This training helped me to understand certain cultural differences between India and the US and also how to be prepared to communicate with a US client.. .be it phone, e-mail or face-to-face (F2F). It is always nice to learn something new! For those who haven't attended this training, I'd say this was an opportunity missed!"
Shreyas Benjamin

"This is a training that is specifically targeted to train employees handling US customers."
Infopark Employee

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