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Over 3,500 professionals just like you have attended these programs with action-oriented results. Our programs are given in instructor-led live online classrooms. Sign up today!

I work with

Meetings with Clients from A-Z
Build rapport with meeting management strategies for virtual teams.
Secrets of American Business Culture
Understand and apply basic American business values to build trust.
Small Talk
Dos and don'ts of casual talk with Americans.
US Culture Training Finishing School
Get ready for business trips to the US.

I need Business English Consulting

Email Skills
Write emails that get read and responded to.
Convince, Influence and Negotiate
Apply strategies to push back, say yes, no and maybe effectively.
Presentation Skills
Handle online presentations to engage global audiences.

I want to be a Global Professional

Accent Reduction Seminar
Speak clearly. Understand foreign accents.
Hosting US or Western Clients
Impress visitors in and out of the meeting room.
India Culture Preparation
Identify and manage culture gaps. Work with ease across cultures.

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