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Online Courses

These courses are available for individuals with tight schedules or who wish to begin immediately.

Self-Paced or Instructor Led
Living and Working with Americans
For employees, this is a self-paced course that requires login to track progress. When it is delivered as a train the trainer module, it is instructor led and delivered over a webinar.

Instructor Led
Individualized Coaching
These are live one-on-one or small group courses given over the phone or the Internet to individuals or corporate employees. Topics include American Accent Training, Spoken English, Corporate Communication, Relocation Decision Making, Relationship Coaching, or choose from any of the below topics from the expandable menu to customize your training.

Available topics include (Click each subject to expand):

American English Accent, Enunciation, Pronunciation

Interactive training teaches you the proper enunciation and pronunciation of common English words and helps you strengthen your accent when speaking English.

Read more about American Accent Training Here.

American Holidays, Sports, Travel and Leisure

Training incorporates interactive role-play, multimedia demonstrations and group coaching. Participants must have Internet access to participate in this valuable soft-skills class.

American Work Values

Learn how cultural understanding impacts you in the workplace. Discover how working differs from attending college and how American work expectations are different from Indian corporate culture.

E-mail Skills

Lectures and demonstrations designed with senior officers in mind. Learn the basics of communicating with your US clients, managers and colleagues.

Emotional Intelligence

Learn to read emotions and feelings expressed through body language and facial expressions. Let us customize this course for your business or personal interactions with colleagues, managers and colleagues.

Goal Setting

Identify the needs of your company, set goals and develop a plan to reach them. Learn how to identify resources to help you accomplish your goals through role-play and group discussion.

Learning Styles

Discover the basic styles of learning common in the US and India. Learn methods for interacting with your students or supervisees to help them develop to their full potential.

Listening Skills

Discover how spoken language impacts listening abilities and learn effective listening skills to better understand your US colleagues, managers and clients. Class includes self-analysis, discussion and role-plays customized based on your specific needs.

Meal-time Etiquette

Classes customized for Indian audiences within India, Indians dining in the US or Americans dining with Indian colleagues. Learn typical offerings at US and Indian restaurants, Eastern vs. Western manners and basic dinner conversation.

Phone & Conference Call Skills

Interactive role-play designed to teach you the etiquette and manners of speaking on the phone to colleagues, managers and clients in the US.

Presentation Skills

Discover how to keep your American or Indian audience interested during presentations while still clearly delivering your message. Class is taught using face-to-face and role-play interactions to build your confidence.

What Clients Have Said:

"Jennifer has helped me create a plan to start and grow my career in India."
Danielle B., American Citizen

"In spite of being an American, Jennifer has helped me to tackle difficult situations in American culture with confience."
An Indian In the USA
"One-on-one coaching has helped Indians serving US clients achieve real results when communicating and taking initiative with Americans."
Annelise Manchanda Piers, Contentment India

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