Individualized Coaching

Helping you identify where you want to be and how to get there is my job. We use gap analysis based on your feedback and my expertise to build an individualized progress plan. For corporate clients, 360 Performance Reviews, manager, client and on-site feedback can also be used as tangible benchmarks.

Using Gap Analysis to Improve Soft Skills and Personality Development

These programs are delivered in person in Kochi, India, over the telephone or via the Internet for those in other parts of India, the US, or the world.

Build your confidence. Build your career. Classes with an American citizen and native speaker give you the real-time practice in communicative English and American cross-cultural success tips that will build your confidence in your global office.

Sessions can be arranged directly by individuals or through Human Resource personnel or managers for corporate clients. All services are confidential and can be purchased a-la carte or in packages.

For corporate clients, managers communicate with the coach on the selected topics for the coaching sessions. Managers are often part of the coaching process during intake, debrief in between critical sessions, and during discharge. Up to three people can be accommodated in the same session.

Individuals often enter coaching for American Accent Training, Spoken English and Personal Development. A list of popular topics are below. The list is not comprehensive. Contact us with your suggestions for coaching topics for you or your employees.

Available topics include (Click each subject to expand):

American English Accent, Enunciation, Pronunciation

Interactive training teaches you the proper enunciation and pronunciation of common English words and helps you strengthen your accent when speaking English.

American Work Values

Learn how cultural understanding impacts you in the workplace. Discover how working differs from attending college and how American work expectations are different from Indian corporate culture.

Diversity Awareness Training

Training customized for your company. Topics include working with Americans and returning NRIs, expectations in corporate offices.

E-mail Skills

Lectures and demonstrations designed with senior officers in mind. Learn the basics of communicating with your US clients, managers and colleagues.

Emotional Intelligence

Learn to read emotions and feelings expressed through body language and facial expressions. Let us customize this course for your business or personal interactions with colleagues, managers and colleagues.

Goal Setting

Identify the needs of your company, set goals and develop a plan to reach them. Learn how to identify resources to help you accomplish your goals through role-play and group discussion.

Listening Skills

Discover how spoken language impacts listening abilities and learn effective listening skills to better understand your US colleagues, managers and clients. Class includes self-analysis, discussion and role-plays customized based on your specific needs.

Phone & Conference Call Skills

Interactive role-play designed to teach you the etiquette and manners of speaking on the phone to colleagues, managers and clients in the US.

Presentation Skills

Discover how to keep your American or Indian audience interested during presentations while still clearly delivering your message. Class is taught using face-to-face and role-play interactions to build your confidence.

What Clients Have Said:

"Now I am able to write emails with American style pleasantries and not come across so terse. I have been able to build better relationships with my US counterparts because of the coaching."
Bangalore Based Financial Analyst
"Jennifer makes her mentee absolutely comfortable. She has the ability to understand the perspectives of a wide range of people. She is to the point and takes great efforts to help her mentee."
Arun Gunasekaran

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