Understanding India: Win & Build Business Partnerships

Most westerners and NRIs do not realize how different India really is from the rest of the world. These links help you get started and prepare for your trip or move to India. They are guidelines and cannot diagnose your individual needs. Should you find you need more personalized assistance, coaching is available on an individual or family basis to prepare you for your upcoming adventure.

Sessions are available in person for those in Kochi, India, and by phone or the Internet for those in other parts of India or the world!

What Clients Have Said:

"Jennifer was ready on short notice to provide me with an oral primer on Indian culture. It gave me lots of pertinent information in a context which really served me. She sensed immediately what I needed and delivered!"
Wayne Caskey, Executive and Team Coach, The Caskey Consultancy, Executive Coaching
"In preparing for studying abroad in India, Jennifer facilitates our understanding in Indian customs, traditions, and culture as well as travel preparation."
Professor Dr. Carol Brownstein-
Evans, PhD

Professor Mark A. Primus, LMSW
Social Work Department, Nazareth College of Rochester, NY

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