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Customized Training Courses

Customized Training Courses Attended by trainees in person or via phone or Internet, clients and corporates have co-created tailor made programs, such as:

Available topics include (Click each subject to expand):

American English Accent, Enunciation, Pronunciation

Interactive training teaches you the proper enunciation and pronunciation of common English words and helps you strengthen your accent when speaking English.

Read more about American Accent Training Here.

American Holidays, Sports, Travel and Leisure

Training incorporates interactive role-play, multimedia demonstrations and group coaching. Participants must have Internet access to participate in this valuable soft-skills class.

American Work Values

Learn how cultural understanding impacts you in the workplace. Discover how working differs from attending college and how American work expectations are different from Indian corporate culture.

Body Language

Americans interact differently with each other than Indians do. Learn the fine differences in body language communication and how to understand your American clients, colleagues and managers.

Diversity Awareness Training

Training customized for your company. Topics include working with Americans and returning NRIs, expectations in corporate offices and diversity in American workplaces.

E-mail Skills

Lectures and demonstrations designed with senior officers in mind. Learn the basics of communicating with your US clients, managers and colleagues.

Emotional Intelligence

Learn to read emotions and feelings expressed through body language and facial expressions. Let us customize this course for your business or personal interactions with colleagues, managers and colleagues.

Goal Setting

Identify the needs of your company, set goals and develop a plan to reach them. Learn how to identify resources to help you accomplish your goals through role-play and group discussion.

Learning Styles

Discover the basic styles of learning common in the US and India. Learn methods for interacting with your students or supervisees to help them develop to their full potential.

Listening Skills

Discover how spoken language impacts listening abilities and learn effective listening skills to better understand your US colleagues, managers and clients. Class includes self-analysis, discussion and role-plays customized based on your specific needs.

Meal-time Etiquette

Classes customized for Indian audiences within India, Indians dining in the US or Americans dining with Indian colleagues. Learn typical offerings at US and Indian restaurants, Eastern vs. Western manners and basic dinner conversation.

Phone & Conference Call Skills

Interactive role-play designed to teach you the etiquette and manners of speaking on the phone to colleagues, managers and clients in the US.

Presentation Skills

Discover how to keep your American or Indian audience interested during presentations while still clearly delivering your message. Class is taught using face-to-face and role-play interactions to build your confidence.

What Clients Have Said:

"After attending sessions on listening and customer service with Americans given by Jennifer, my team and I now understand the basic dos and don'ts of email and phone communication. I also learnt the importance of paraphrasing and how it can help me when I am trying to find the right words."
Software Engineer in Kochi
"After learning the kinesthetic method of learning, I feel this benefits students the most. I can make changes in my teaching pattern based on this. From your session, I learned the importance of having confidence in myself, how to be lovable to students, and how to have a pleasant attitude."
Aswathy, College Teacher, India
"The role plays were a new approach for me. I loved it as it helped me to avoid fear while talking in a group. I also gained confidence to speak up among my peers."
Anu, Infopark
"I learned tips on how to talk in English more slowly and clearly so Americans can understand me better."
Praveen PS, Global Force, Inc., Kochi
"In the training program, I learned about the kinesthetic learning method. This can influence students on the spot. I want to apply this to my work. I had a great experience in this training. It was one of the best I have attended. I would like to attend more of your trainings."
"I have more confidence in how to attend meetings."
Shyju, Infopark

"The role plays help us learn our teammates talents and the differences between the US and Indian cultures."
Linda, Infopark

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