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Case Studies

Needs analysis, outcomes and feedback of training programs given through Authentic Journeys are highlighted on this page.

Cross Culture Training Case Studies and Workflow Improvement Examples

Improving English communication skills builds stronger outsourcing partnerships, a transportation resource company that assists with travel transportation sought to improve business relationships and communication between the home office and cross-cultural partners.

Management contracted Jennifer to coach India-based employees in conversational English, time management, work communication and translating technical concepts into practical English to explain them to partners who did not understand technical words. Jennifer coached the employees, teaching the staff when to be general or specific in communication, use of idioms, proper pronunciation and to understand foreign cultural concepts.

"Assigning my India-based staff to coaching has helped me to communicate better with my outsourcing partners. Jennifer kept me informed regularly and also provided a final report listing all the outcomes of the coaching process."
Job Smulders, Owner,

Contentment India

Individual career growth coaching increases confidence and clarity

Contentment India A senior analyst, Ram, needed help bridging communication with American clients and adding value to daily interactions. While good at his job, Ram had difficulty servicing American clients including addressing them appropriately in conversation and taking initiative during conversations. Jennifer helped Ram build the confidence and skills needed to chair meetings, deliver his message effectively, give directions and follow up with coworkers and clients while teaching him how all of this helps grow his career.

"Staying on the same page is easier with his American client, now that Ram is speaking in shorter, clearer sentences."
VP Financial Analytics Company, Bangalore

"One-on-one coaching has helped Indians serving US clients achieve real results when communicating and taking initiative with Americans."
Annelise Piers, Contentment India

Global Force, Inc.

Accent training reduces misunderstandings between cross-cultural clients, coworkers and partners

Global Force, Inc. Global Force, Inc. founder, Randy Bassin, operates an all-English speaking office in Kochi. His workers had previous training to build confidence in speaking but still found it difficult to understand the American accent and pronounce English words so that Americans understood them. Randy contacted Jennifer to enroll the workers in the "Introduction to American Accent" training. Jennifer taught them to pronounce difficult sounds found in English that do not exist in many Indic languages and how to identify sound combinations in American speaking patterns. The training includes role-plays, self-analysis, coaching and completion certificates.

"I learned how to be more polite while sending e-mail requests. I also learned how to combine words and sounds [in American English]."

"It's not important to enact the same accent, but to understand it, so we can communicate better with the client."

"Being direct is not always polite in American English."

"I learned tips on how to talk in English more slowly and clearly so Americans can understand me better."
Praveen PS

Media Analytics Company based in Infopark

Bridge the gap between Indian and American workers to increase office efficiency after hiring

A major media analytics company based in Infopark, Kochi contracted Jennifer to train two large groups on American cultural concepts in the workplace. The company goal centered around the employees work requirements upon starting the job. Jennifer developed sessions for each group tailored to their specific jobs while teaching both groups verbal and non-verbal communication techniques; phone etiquette; meeting and lunch etiquette; and other common workplace values. The training included role-plays, demonstrations, debriefs, videos and re-enactments. Learn about this training program here.

"Through the role play, I could learn what the U.S. people like and dislike, the gestures to be made, and how to start a conversation, how to greet people, how to start a voice mail, and finally how to talk to a U.S. college through the phone."

"From this 2 ½ day training, I came to know more about you and your character. You just changed my image that I already had about American people and their culture. Thanks a lot! You were just brilliant! Love you sooo…. Much!..... About the training, I think we had all that we wanted. Through activities like 'rocket launch' and 'role play' of American cultural situations, we learned how to develop team spirit, more about each other's qualities, and how to talk and behave in different situations. Games on presentations and summarizing helped me to raise my confidence level. Your encouragement was absolutely fantastic for me! Thank you! Take care! God bless you and your family."

"We learnt about American values, how to communicate with people across borders, so many things about the U.S., eating manners and so on. We were enlightened learning everything about the U.S."

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